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Transparent Pricing: No hidden extras, no additional costs. We guarantee clear and detailed invoicing to allow quick, effective reconciliation

Discount Schemes – Our unique Early Bird Scheme offers a sliding scale of discounts depending on how far in advance you book your shifts with us.



 We offer enhanced discounts that reflect the value of the business they entrust with us. Over time this results in significant savings compared to using agencies on an ad hoc basis.



All of our staff undergo regular appraisals, using feedback on their performance from our clients. Where necessary, training and development issues are identified and resolved, allowing our high standards to be maintained.

In Good Hands


In close co-operation with our staff we regularly undertake spot checks on our workers to ensure they continue to meet the standards we expect of them.



A dedicated recruitment and vetting team, based at our Head Office, puts all new applicants through different checks to ensure only the very highest caliber of the staff are accepted.

Get to Know Us

At JR , we provide reliable and affordable home care services to clients in Birmingham area. Whether you need daily health related attention or are looking for appointment based care — you name it, we do it! Our certified practitioners work with you to manage a personalised health plan that’s most convenient for you and your home.

Caring with dignity

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